18 & 19 APRIL 2016



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Karate uses a grading system, which enables one through continuous training, to progress to a higher level. All Karate-ka begin their training on a white belt, and progress up the different colour belts by attempting grading examinations


Term 1 Gradings

18 & 19 APRIL 2016

Generally aimed at smaller children, the “Introduction to Karate” program is a grading system which helps children develop the basics of karate, the necessary bio-motor abilities, self defence as well as numerous physical exercises.

 The “Introduction to Karate” program uses a ribbon system. Different colour ribbons are sewn onto the white belt to indicate the level attained.

 The time period of the “Introduction to Karate” is dependent upon:

 a) The age of the student

b) The aptitude of the student

c) The number of classes attended



Colour Belt Levels

 In the case of children, there are two levels of each colour belt. For example, a child grading from white to yellow belt will first grade to Yellow 1, and then, after further training, grade to Yellow 2 in a subsequent grading attempt.

Grading dates will always be set in advance by the dojo. The criteria to grade are as follows:

 a) Must be affiliated to SA JKA for the current year

b) Frequency of attending training

c) Age and ability

d) Knowledge of the correct syllabus for the relevant grading.


Order of Belts

 White → Yellow → Orange → Green → Blue → Purple → Red → Brown → Junior Black → Black


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